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Jump On In

Jump On In

233 W Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801, USA

221 reviews
Recently I took my 8 year old & 2 year old to Jump On In during their open to the public hours 5pm-7pm. First off I could definitely see why it is not open to the public often and more for birthday parties & such. The place just doesn't have the space large enough for bigger crowds, compared to Monkey Joe's, etc. It did seem perfect for private parties though. That said it is basiclly a bunch of bounce houses/bounce slides with a few age appropriate obstacle course type activities mixed in. It consists of just 2 large rooms and personally it is more for ages 4-12. Any child of any age, with the exception of tiny babies, has to pay their flat rate price of $13 per person for public times, adults do not need to pay because they cant jump. My 8 year old had a blast running around. I enjoyed that there was more than bounce houses to keep her active. Unfortunately though my 2 year old couldnt really do anything. I had to pick her up & place her in the bounce houses because they were so high off the ground and the slide bounce houses had a rope like climbing effect to get to the top to be able to slide so only once she mustered enough strength to accomplish that. Otherwise paying full price, $13 for a 2 year old was irritating & insane. I honestly am on the fence though about coming back & not because it cost $26 for 2 hours of play time for my kids and not because there is a gun range nearby.. what issue I had was more with the location. I actually used to work in Cummings Park a few years back and never had any incidents but where Jump On In is located is in the very very back and when I went with my girls last week it was 7pm when so it was very dark in the lot & very secluded from the road or other buildings/business that would be open at that time. We were the second to last car to leave. Only the 1 staff member who was in the building had her car parked still. All the other families we walked out the door with had taken off. As I got my children in their car seats I noticed a red Toyota Corolla about 10 years old pull next to us very quickly. They parked so close if someone was in my passenger seat they'd never be able to get out. Odd seeing the lot was empty with every available space & all the business nearby closed. As I was fiddling with my seat belt I could sense I was being looked at. The driver & his passenger, both males with blonde hair in their mid to late 20s, starring at me. I spent about 3-4 more minutes getting myself situated and the whole time they never looked away from me. No one else was around this scary dark lot. I leaned forward to turn my dash camera on & instantly i noticed the driver look at my hand doing so then the driver looked away at the passenger and then flew off so fast he was swerving to the point he almost hit a dumpster. I thought that was so odd. We took off & as we were heading over our 1st speed bump there they were sitting to the left. I kept going but noticed them creeping behind me. I was followed all the way to the highway. I sped off and lost them on the highway. I honestly believe they were going to try and rob me or take my car or worse once they followed us. I know it is not Jump On Ins fault for this strange occurrence but it did happen on their property where small children are. I just think at night where their door/business is located makes it a very shady area. The parking lot is not well lit and where you have to park in the back, away from everything else, makes you an easy target at night. I dont think I'll be going back there at night any more. Please be aware of your surroundings if you go there and lock your doors immediately. I have never had anything happen like this to me before.
(4 years ago)

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(781) 939-5867 https://jumponinfun.com/woburn/

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