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Mountain Air Trampoline Park

Mountain Air Trampoline Park

5940 US-431 #500, Albertville, AL 35950, USA

103 reviews
This place is very unorganized and unprofessional.. we had a birthday party here last year and everything was fine, this year not so much. We booked it and had two people call to confirm. Both phone calls went as you know you have to pay for whatever extra kids show up outside of your paid package and adults also. Which I replied yes then I was asked if I wanted pizzas I said no, we hung up everything was fine. We get there take our own pizzas and chips in nothing was said that we could not bring our own food no where on their website, at time of confirming, or when we went in to pay the remaining balance and start setting up. We also brought all our own food last year. After all the kids get done jumping and we go to the room two workers came up in the middle of our blowing out the candles and singing happy birthday to tell me that you can’t bring your own food and that I would have to pay 45 dollars for four pizzas from them! I told her no where on the website, no signs posted, and the girl at the front letting me come in with pizzas in hand said anything about that. One hit was very nice and professional the other one wanted to stand and argue with me and tel me that on the phone when they asked if I needed pizzas and I said no that I should have known that meant I couldn’t bring my own! I am was so upset that did that in the middle of our party instead of waiting until the end. They never apologized but then said if I didn’t pay they would go down my guest list and cal everyone to pay a portion for the pizzas we did not even receive! I then told them if someone would have told me I couldn’t bring food in I would not have brought it! They don’t even make the pizzas they send a worker to little ceasers to get the pizzas then charge you 15 dollars per pizza!! It’s not about the price it’s about the lack of communication and professionalism Since it won’t let me write a reply to you I will just add to this post, I know who you are you were there you were not out of town I seen you playing the games when we first arrived. Even the girls had said you were there earlier If you want to tell lies about how I acted that’s fine but I know exactly what happened. I did not get rude with the girls even told them I knew they didn’t make the rules because they were just employees but when she got extremely ugly to me I got ugly back, and I didn’t “sneak” anything in. When I went to the register to pay my balance for the party I had the pizzas in my hand and no one said a word, again it’s not about the money if they would have explained the food better this wouldn’t have happened and if you did my party last year you know I brought All the food pizzas included. Also I paid for four extras kids and 6 extra adults the money is not the issue.i just thought it was crazy to pay for pizzas I did not order from y’all, like I tried to explain to them I would NOT have brought pizza if I knew it wasn’t allowed the issue is I wasn’t aware of the food rule especially since I did it last year. Also they wanted me to pay full price for four pizzas then said I could pay full price for three, You have my contact information so feel free to call me and we can talk. I pray you have a great night and stop saying lies 😊
Amber King
(a week ago)

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(256) 660-1677 https://mountainairtrampolinepark.com/

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