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Jump-Parks.com is your ultimate online destination for all things trampoline parks. Our website is dedicated to serving three key groups: trampoline park operators, park enthusiasts, and park suppliers. We provide a comprehensive global directory of trampoline parks, making it effortless for visitors to find the nearest park to their location.

Park enthusiasts and customers can easily discover nearby trampoline parks, read reviews, and access the latest news and promotions. We foster a sense of community among trampoline park enthusiasts, making it a hub for all things bouncing and flipping.

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Jump-Parks.com is your go-to resource for everything related to trampoline parks, connecting operators, customers, and suppliers in one vibrant online community.

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At Jump-Parks.com, we aim to be the ultimate online destination for trampoline park enthusiasts, operators, and suppliers. We offer a comprehensive directory for customers, opportunities for operators to gain visibility, and targeted marketing options for suppliers. With our unique positioning and content integration, advertising on Jump-Parks.com ensures maximum impact and engagement with a niche audience passionate about the trampoline park industry.

The Beginnings of Trampoline Parks in the USA

The journey of trampoline parks began in the USA, with the first one opening its doors in the early 2000s. This exhilarating concept swiftly captured many hearts, evolving into a beloved recreational activity. Inspired by European and Australian trampoline halls, a distinct trampoline culture burgeoned in the USA.

In the initial years, trampoline parks were often small, independent facilities concentrated on basic trampolining. However, with time, they expanded their range of activities to include trampoline acrobatics, dodgeball, slam dunk basketball, and much more.


Invention of the trampoline

The first modern trampolines were built by George Nissen and Larry Griswold. The concept was developed at the University of Iowa as a training tool for astronauts and gymnasts.


Trampolines as sports and recreation equipment

Trampolines became important sports and recreation equipment after 1960.


New turning point for trampoline park

In 2000, trampoline made its first appearance in the Olympics in Sydney. Trampolines also feature in the competitive sport of Slamball, a variant of basketball, and Bossaball, a variant of volleyball.


First trampoline park world wide

The first trampoline park was opened in Las Vegas by Rick Platt under the name "Sky Mania".


Comeback of the trampoline parks

In the early 21st century, indoor commercial trampoline parks have made a comeback, with a number of franchises operating across the United States and Canada.


First trampoline park in Europe

The first trampoline park in Europe, "Jump XL", was opened in the Netherlands.

Why Choose Trampoline Parks?

The perfect all-weather destination

Trampoline halls guarantee constant fun and entertainment for both locals and tourists, regardless of the weather.

Health benefits

These venues offer an effective full-body workout, strengthening your muscles, boosting your endurance, and enhancing your coordination.

Fun and happiness

Jump on a trampoline to alleviate stress and experience a surge of happiness hormones.

Suitable for all ages

Trampoline halls and parks welcome people of all age groups, from children to adults, allowing the entire family to have fun together.

Work with us

As the world's largest platform for trampoline parks and with our impressive reach, you can rest assured that your message reaches a broad audience.